Jay Tablet | Pay The Tab | mixed and mastered at Oxiliary

Jay Tablet gives us all he has and more with the release of Pay The TAB. After numerous albums Tablet ramps up for what is said to be his best work yet and maybe his last solo album ever . From the live instrumentation to all the varieties of vibes and portraits portrayed this time around, Pay The TAB is a gem. TAB takes you on a 22 song journey through his life as a artist and individual finding the inner piece that fuels his fire to create. Poppy,Happy, Dark,Serious, Dedicated, Overwhelmed,Fun,Party,Life,Squad are just a few of the words that are played with in this masterpiece. Everyone can find a few song to relate to their current situation and thats what makes this album classic. Pay The TAB is Jay Tablet’s last installment of the Tab Trilogy. Make sure to ride the journey.