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Studio Day

[ Are you a musician with songs ready to record?]

The summer recording day is a open format workshop. Participants will be introduced to a professional studio environment and experiment in the studio for a day. Prepared students will have a chance to record one of their songs and see how it translates into the recording world. Participants will be emailed mp3 files of what is recorded at the end of the day. This workshop is designed to give a taste of a professional studio workflow with hands-on experience to inspire musicians on their road to professional musicianship.

Oxiliary recording studio day
Youth Recording Session
Adult Recording Workshops

8 week workshop

[ For Video Production, Podcasts, and Music]

Have you tried recording at home but the results are just not working out? This introductory workshop meets twice a week and covers the basics of the recording process including best practices, pre-production setup, recording, mixing, mastering, music publishing and promotion.

Music Business

[ Do you have to hit the lottery?]

Years of experience has inspired me to put together a streamlined approach to understanding the music business. There is no lottery, no get rich quick scheme, no cheat sheet. Once you understand how the music business operates you can focus getting your music out to fans and avoid buying into snake oil services that promise more then they deliver.