Intensive Workshops

[ For Video Production, Podcasts, and Music]

One day or two week hands-on workshops offer instruction in core and advanced recording concepts and techniques. Lessons range from recording to mixing and mastering strategies to file formats and professional loudness standards to ready your projects for online distribution.


Up your Sound I.Q.

[ For Video Production, Podcasts, and Music]

Learn how to use EQ, Comp, Saturation, Reverb, Delay and limiters with surgical precision and technique, less trial and error to get big radio sounding mixes.

Music Business

[ For Video Production, Podcasts, and Music]

15 years experience after graduating the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences has allowed me to put together a streamlined approach to understanding the music business. Minimal time investment at an affordable price. No fluff, just the essentials that will make you dangerous in any studio!

Workshop Landing